Marouane Loutfi

CVA Engineering

Pau, France

I am a 24 years old young data scientist student at the university of Pau and Pays d’adour. Before that, I got my engineering degree in Computer Science back in Morocco. Currently, I am a trainee (alternant) at CVA Engineering. A company specializing in Geo sciences among other things.

My fascination with technology and computer science has never ceased. From the first time, I turned on a computer oblivious of its its purpose or inner workings to nowadays where I try to solve complex problems using Machine Learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

I am an avid reader who enjoys books of all flavors, particularly the late 20th century sci-fi genre. I also love traveling and long walks at the park, and sometimes mixing these two, So if I am not glued to my laptop debugging Tensorflow models, you will probably find me at the local park reading a book.